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This morning didn’t start out as I had planned.

First, I had planned to get up and workout since I have plans to hang out with some coworkers after work for a birthday celebration.

I woke up groggy, had a horrible night’s sleep and knew I just couldn’t function properly if I got up extra early and sweated it out as planned. So what did I do? Went back to sleep.

Fail #1.

I then dragged myself to the shower, got ready and I was super excited to turn my morning around with my version of a batch of Gabriela’s chocolate chia peanut pudding.

I had a bad feeling before I opened that fridge. It was true. It didn’t work. I was expecting fluffy chocolate mousse, but I guess my version sucked. Plopping a peanut butter blob in the mix in place of peanut flour did not work. I’m hoping that was my only downfall and it will work when I try it again.

Fail #2.

Blah. I guess today’s just one of those days! The thing that got me the most was the exercise guilt. I always make sure I take a rest day, but yesterday was a rest day, too! I wanted to get a good workout in this morning, but it looks like I’ll just have to come home tonight after the festivities and squeeze one in. Sigh. I know I’m super complain-y right now and it sucks. I swear I won’t make a post this depressing again.

I do think it’s important to share how you’re feeling, whether it be about food issues, exercise issues, etc. Everyone has a crappy day now and then. I guess this is mine!

Things turned around a little when I got to eat my new favorite food: chocolate. It’s been a favorite of mine forever, but now that I can eat it again, I can’t get enough! This could be dangerous.

I whipped up a smoothie in a mug. Yep. I like to be lady-like when I sip.

In the mix:

  • 1 c. vanilla unsweetened almond milk
  • 1.5 tbsp. dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Pinch of Splenda
  • Dash of vanilla

Yep, this day just might turn around!

Have you ever had to deal with exercise guilt? How do you make yourself feel better?

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Hi! I'm Alexa, and I'm a 27-year-old living and working in Elmsford, NY. I dream about food, cooking and could bake all day long if you let me. If you have any suggestions, comments, or just want to say hi, send me an email:
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16 Responses to Guilt

  1. Aww sorry about the crummy start to your day :( I try to get in 2 rest days and squeeze in my workouts any day that I can. I use to workout everyday and then I realized that I NEED to rest. At first I felt guilty but then I got over it lol Hope the rest of your day goes fantastic!

  2. I used to get really bogged down by exercise guilt. After about a year of dealing with it, I rarely feel guilty about not exercising anymore. I just remember that if my body isn’t asking for a work out, then I know I shouldn’t be going. I get burnt out really easily, and this is something I am only truly just figuring out. Even if your body is up for the workout but your mind isn’t, well you are allowed to take a mental day off too. We are active, young, beautiful women and if we miss a day or so here and there life goes on. We have a million other things going on in our lives that we need to enjoy before we get older. I also remind myself that I didn’t sit on my bum the entire day. We are working girls in a city. We exercise daily without even trying. If it really makes a difference, eat a salad for dinner and maybe you’ll feel better.

    • Like you said we all struggle with things, don’t get let yourself feel too down. You are beautiful!

      (Sorry I had to copy and paste my comment to repaste it, my internet went out as I tried the first time, so this part got cut out!)

  3. I’ve been really slacking on the workouts lately too. It is SO hard, especially with my little one at home. Ugh…time to adjust the priorities (not away from my baby of course). Two days off, though? Good for your body. Trust me, I’m a doctor :)

  4. you deserve to have a complainy day so let it all out!!!
    thats what we are all here listen to you and make you feel better:)
    I hate the feeling of missing a workout in the morning. I know when i come home i am going to be beyond exhausted and not enjoy it. In this case though, you would have been miserable from sleep deprivation..sometime you just have to listen to your body and go with it

  5. Oh girlie, I’m sorry you had such a lousy day! I would be super upset if my overnight oats didn’t work also ha! That smoothie looks delicious though!! feel better soon!

  6. Kate says:

    The “save the day” smoothie looks awesome! I really wish I had the energy in the morning to get up early enough to make smoothies.

    I have definitely experiences exercise guilt. I’m bad at consistency and hoping that changes when we move next week to be closer to “life” – work, friends, yoga studio, restaurants etc. It’s hard for me to fit in work outs when I have a lot of other things going on and that’s usually when I need it most. Don’t feel bad though, you can only do your best and sometimes your best is sleeping in or taking two rest days in a row and that’s good for you too.

  7. I dealt with it this morning too! I had plans to get up and run, but my sleep was so choppy last night that I couldn’t get out of bed!!! Don’t worry, we all have those days/weeks. Just get back on the workout train tomorrow!

    And of course we all have our bad days, and you should post about those as well as the good ones…your blog friends are always here to listen (read)!!!

  8. Chris says:

    I know how you feel about unmotivated. This morning’s neuro exam kinda got me down too (maybe not enough 5-HT or DA… gotta love my cheesy science jokes :) ). Don’t be sad or feel guilty! I know it wasn’t the best of mornings, but things could always be worse :). Just try to stay positive and have a wonderful day!!

  9. My post yesterday was definitely an off, negative day. It felt better to put it out there though.

    I’m suffering from exercise withdrawl due to an injury… I’m longing for the feeling of exercise guilt!

  10. Aww sorry about your bad day! I get exercise guilt too when I have to take an unplanned rest day. But I just remind myself that one skipped workout isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things! :) I hope your day got better after that smoothie!

  11. I don’t like missing a workout either, but it happens. Just look forward to the next day and push a little harder!

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  13. Elizabeth says:

    Exercise Guilt, yes the story of my life. I have fought this one for years & still fighting it. I feel that my world cannot start without my workout first thing. I’m in college, so needless to say, my world has been very frustrating lately b/c of having to miss workouts. I think the best solution to this is eating liter & healthy foods on the days you can’t workout. That is still very difficult, eating lighter! So, one day we will figure this out.

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