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Hello, Simple Eats readers! I’m Courtney, and I blog over at The Granola Chronicles. I’m happy to help Alexa while she’s on vacation – lucky girl!

As you may have guessed from my blog’s title, I love granola (well, I love food in general – but that’s another story!).

Making homemade granola is actually very easy and extremely cheap. Plus you can tailor it to your liking – if you don’t like raisins, you can omit them. If you love coconut – add a lot. It’s completely up to you and your preferences!

Here are two of my favorite granola recipes:

This Coconut Pistachio Granola is highly addicting. It has such a great texture from the coconut oil…it really melts in your mouth!

When I think about food combinations, the combo of honey and peanut butter is really a match made in heaven. ThisPeanut Butter-Honey Granola  is such a delicious treat. It’s healthy because there’s great protein in peanut butter and honey is a natural sweetener, right? Right!

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own granola. Oh, the possibilities!

I do have one piece of advice regarding homemade granola: low and slow. You’ll want to bake it at a low temperature for a longer amount of time…this will prevent burning!

Major thanks to Alexa for allowing me to guest post today. Hope you have a great day, friends!

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