Friday Favorites

So…it’s been way too long since I did one of these. Not cool. I mean, I know you all were absolutely dying when I didn’t have them for the past few weeks. It’s OK, you can stop crying.

FF is back!

I thought I’d make a list of some of my favorite asparagus recipes. Yeah, it makes your pee smell (TMI?) but it’s one of my favorite vegetables.

Here’s what I’ve been drooling over:

1. Sweet and Savory Roasted Vegetable Salad from Iowa Girl Eats

2. Light Lemony Pasta Salad from A Healthy Passion

3. Risotto Primavera from Pomelo Sunshine

4. Asparagus and Mushroom Strata from Hungry Hungry HippieĀ 


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8 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. I like this idea! #2 looks particularly awesome, I think I’m going to have to try! Thanks!

  2. Yay for the return of Friday Favorites!! I love these posts and getting to find out about some great recipes in the blog world! I too, love asparagus, (regardless of the ahem, side effects) and will definitely be making some of these recipes asap… esp that risotto! YUM! Happy Friday!

  3. Mmm asparagus… love it! These look great :)

  4. Rach says:

    Oh wow these all look delicious! I think asparagus is under-appreciated by most people. Love that you are featuring it today! :)

  5. Yum, lemony pasta salad sounds delicious!

  6. I love all the blogs you mentioned – great ones!
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  7. I am soo making that roasted vegetable salad..without the bacon. :) Mmm thanks for sharing!!

  8. Aww, thanks for linking up to my risotto! Asparagus makes my pee smell too (wah wah…) but I keep on eating it, I just can’t help myself. All of these look so good!

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