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Say that one five times fast!

I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who love travelling and decided to tote me around as a wee little one on all of their European excursions. I seriously consider myself blessed to have that opportunity!

Even though I recently went on a vacation, the travel bug has hit me again. Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about certain places I want to go in the world, and my travel bug hit even harder when I saw this post on Iowa Girl Eats. That girl and I see eye to eye. :)

Travel is not as big of a part of this blog as I want it to be, so I guess that means I need to go on more trips, huh? ;)

So, I decided to list my top ten places to visits before I die.

1. Egypt

I need to see the Pyramids. I feel like I would cry at the mere sight of them. I can’t even wrap my mind around how they constructed these crazy structures. And in that heat?!

2. West Coast

OK, I know it’s not an actual place but there’s so many things I want to see on the West coast! I’ve only been to California once, and I think the sparkling lights of Vegas are a must, and the coast of Oregon is something I can’t go without seeing.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

Can you even imagine seeing such beauty? The water is like glass it’s so clear! I’ve never snorkeled before, but I’m pretty sure this would be the place to do it.

4. Greece

There’s nothing like the stark white buildings against the cobalt blue ocean. Oh, and the olives and feta don’t hurt either.

5. The Amazon Rain Forest

I’m allergic to mosquitoes, so I probably wouldn’t survive one minute in this place, but I can only imagine how breathtaking it is. Monkeys, parrots, waterfalls? I’m sold.

6. The Dead Sea

I’ve always been intrigued by the dead sea’s supposed healing properties. Supposedly the mud and the water in the sea can treat things like psoriasis! I’ll float in it!

7. Corcovado, Brazil

My parents went to Brasil and said it was one of the most beautiful places they’ve ever been. I want to stand up there and take in this view!

8. London

I studied abroad here in college and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even though I spent three months there, I need to spend more time there. The city is chock full of things to do and places to see. Take me back!

9. Polynesia

I just kind of wanna sit here. And drink out of a coconut.

10. New Orleans

I may not get any beads, but I definitely want to sink my teeth into the beignets. A few ganders down Bourbon St. doesn’t sound half bad either. :)

What places do you want to see before you die?

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28 Responses to Top Ten Travel List

  1. Love all the places you mentioned! I’m right with you on Egypt and Greece! I would totally be in awe of the pyramids. They’re just amazing and to see them in person would be crazy!

  2. Great list! Egypt, Polynesia, The Great Barrier Reef and The Dead Sea are all on my list for one day!

  3. I love your list! I want to go to London and Greece SO bad!!!
    I also really want to travel all over China and Japan.

    I agree about the west coast- I grew up in the bay area and traveled all over. It is awesome. And I just saw the great barrier reef from Australia- definitely the most amazing thing!! I only wished I scuba dived to enjoy it more.

    Hope you eventually get to see everything on your list!

  4. Those are some gorgeous places on your top ten list. Egypt, Greece, the Amazon, and London are on mine as well. I’d also love to go to New Zealand, Fiji, Rome, Hawaii, and Japan.

  5. Ohh I love your list! I really want to travel more too. Some of the must visit places on my list are Greece, Nepal, Southern India, China, Thailand, Fiji, Mauritius, Australia, etc. I better get started…now!! Hahaha!

  6. Egypt and Ireland are my top 2!! I’ve been obsessed with going to Egypt since I was in like 6th grade.. I loved learning about the pyramids and I saw all those ridiculous mummy movies :)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Honestly, the mosquitos in the Amazon really aren’t that bad! I was prepared for the worst…but nothing’s worse than the woods in Canada. And I’ve been camping my whole life. So Amazonian mosquitos? Ha! I swat you wimpy little things with my baby finger!

  8. Jordan says:

    ahhhh i wanna go sooo many places!! greece and italy are definitely my top 2!

  9. Love this list! I would definitely agree with Greece and the Pyramids in Egypt. I really want to go to Fiji one day. Oh and Dubai. Well, the list goes on and on! I may just have to steal this post idea ;)

  10. Ahhh I love this post! I have definitely been bitten by the traveling bug as well and this post makes me want to travel even more! I want to go to so many places on this list as well! I’d love to see the pyramids in Egypt, Greece (specifically Santorini) is on my must-visit list, and I’m dying to go back to London as well! I fell in love with it as well when I studied there and cannot wait to go back! Besides all of these places (and I want to visit every. single. one.) I would love to go on an African safari, see the Taj Mahal and go to Iceland!!

  11. Wow, I am really jealous!!!

    I would love to go to Africa! That is on the top of my list right now. Thailand is another place I am dying to go.

  12. omgshhh you’ve chosen the perfect places! haha. You’re a genius. :D the Reefs look amazing~as does every other place here. I’d love to go to Africa, eastern European countries, and of course, Greece, Israel, China, and Mongolia. Oh, and Oregon too!! Would love to go on a train up there. And Seattle.

  13. I would love to see Greece, too! Australia and NZ are high on my list. I just did New Orleans this year the week before Mardi Gras and it was insane! Definitely a fun place to visit.

  14. I love your list! I absolutely want to see the pyramids in Egypt and the Greek Islands :)

  15. I am so with you on the Greece and London location!

  16. I definitely want to visit Greece, a bajillion places in South America, and Thailand. Hopefully I can get a Machu Picchu trip organized soon!

  17. I love this list! Travel is my favorite thing and I could write a list a mile long of all the places I want to visit. Santorini is definitely in my top ten and New Zealand too. And Bali. And Tuscany. Copenhagen. I could go on and on.

  18. i have a big list.. Greece is on there for sure, same with Oregon, Rio De Janeiro, spain, france, germany, australia, new zealand, hawaii, florida, california, new york, japan, thailand, sooo many others. i havent been outside of Canada you can bet my list of places to go and see are a mile long hehe

    xoxo <3

  19. ireland is really high on my must visit list!

  20. Amanda Demanda says:

    I hope #11 is Wichita, Kansas ;) I found a yummy donut place…it’s called the Donut Whole. I’m loving the blog…can’t wait to see what yummy treats you make in the fall :)

  21. I want to visit all these places too! Actually, I want to visit everywhere! :P But at the top of my list are Paris, Italy (especially the Italian countryside), Napa Valley in California, and the Rocky Mountains in B.C.

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