New Found Flour

Years ago, I would have thought only two types of flours existed: white and wheat. And wheat was a very rare flour to come by. My parents hadn’t even heard of it when I mentioned it one day after reading about it in Cooking Light. 

I’m pretty sure my mom gave me a quizzical look as she was dicing vegetables and thought I was crazy. Things were different in their generation. P.S. My mom bought ground flax the other day-go Mom!

Nowadays, what flour doesn’t exist? Garbanzo bean flour-how. did. this. happen?! Teff flour-seriously, you’re losing me with this one. I don’t even know what the $@% teff is! And then, there’s spelt flour.

Spelt? I’m tossing in the towel.  I’ll stick to wheat and white thankyouverymuch. 

But when I was contacted by Swanson  to review a few of their products, there were way too many to choose from. One of them I went with?

Spelt flour, obv. Because I needed a reason to get knee deep into something I have no clue about.

So what did I do? Used someone else’s recipe with it. Duh.

A grain from antiquity, huh? Well I’ve been around 24 years and never heard of it.

I loved Angela’s recipe for the most part, except for baking the bananas on top. I now know that I loathe baked bananas. Blech!

I did, however, go to town on the dough, baked, covered in jelly, cacao nibs and blobs of peanut butter.

This flour added a lil’ something extra to the crust. It was sweeter, nuttier and delish. I get it now. There are flours better than whole wheat and white. Well, at least one other flour.

Now, the question is, how the heck will I use it on my own? Pancakes, anyone?

*I received Swanson products for free to review. These opinions are entirely my own.*

Have you ever tried an “odd-ball” flour? 




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  1. mariel:

    yup! all i use is oddball flour! haha.
    We use coconut,buckwheat,and oat flour! :)

  2. Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health:

    I’ve never used a different kind of flour! At this point, I’m basically too stingy to pay extra money on it. Perhaps when I’m done with grad school and I start having an income I’ll splurge a little :D

  3. Jennifer (The Gourmetour):

    I have yet to try an oddball flour but I have been dying to! Literally everytime I go to the grocery store I take a look, but there are SOO many options I never know which to choose!!

  4. sarah (sarah learns):

    i love garbanzo bean flour! i was on a major socca kick a while back – it’s so delicious. :)

    that’s probably the only “odd” flour i’ve used though.

  5. Alexa:

    I need to try that one, I’ve been wanting to make socca for awhile now!

  6. Alexa:

    I know, it’s SO overwhelming, I don’t even know where to begin.

  7. Alexa:

    I totally agree with you…it’s definitely pricey!

  8. Alexa:

    Can I come to your house, haha! :)

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