The craze of fast food has increased very much specially among youngsters. Food chains are popular for their fast service. If you want to fast food restaurant name ideas than you can go for this article, it will surely help you to get idea of how to name your restaurant.

  • Barista – Barista has it’s headquarters in New Delhi for India. This coffee chain was found in 2000 by Barista Coffee Company. It has more than 200 espresso bars in over 30 cities all over the world. It is also well known for its filter coffee, which is loved by Indians.

Best Fast Food Chains In India 2019

  • Dunkin Donuts – The name is taken from William Shakespeare. It is known for the variety of donuts they serve to the customers. It came in India in early part of 21st century. They are also specialized in beverages, coffee and sandwiches. It is almost present in every city of India.
  • Burger King – Burger King is very famous and has made burger a dish for people. It has variety of burgers and customization. It has more vegetables as compared to other burger brands. It has beverages also in it’s menu. It is a huge brand.
  • Starbucks – Starbucks has 15000 retail stores in more than 50 countries. It is expert in filter coffee and other type of fast food snacks. It is little expensive, but the coffee is worth paying the higher amount. It is a very popular food chain in India. You can take inspiration from them for fast food restaurant name ideas.

Best Fast Food Chains In India

  • Subway – It is known for it’s sandwiches. The sandwiches here are very tasty and popular. It is also moving to suburban cities soon. It has many variety of breads, vegetables, cheese, spices. You can customize according to you and eat. It has beverages option also . It will never disappoint you.
  • Cafe Coffee Day – The list of coffees available here are endless. It was launched in Bangalore in 1996. It is liked by many people in India. It has 1450 cafes spread across 200 cities in India. The taste of coffee here is very good and offers other snacks also.

There are many fast food chains which are fabulous. To be in the market it is very important that you have nice fast food restaurant name ideas. We hope this article would have helped you to choose your next hangout designation. Keep eating and drinking and making memories.