Diet Tips for Eating Out at Restaurants

Diet Tips for Eating Out at Restaurants

Plan out your meal

Go on the restaurant’s website and get the nutritional info. Decide how many calories you want to “spend” and look for something in that range. Don’t just look at the salads, many sandwiches and steaks are low enough for you to enjoy too.

Split it

If you want something that has too many calories, say it has 900 calories and you can only have 450 decide if you can split it in half, and if that will be satisfying enough for you. If you are going out with friends or a significant other consider splitting something this way you are forced to only eat your ½. You can also have them box up the other half “to go” before it even gets to your table.

Drink smart

Skinny Tips for Eating OutBefore you plan out your meal and order, plan out your drink order too. Want a cocktail? Yeah! Go for it, but know how many calories are in a drink. Anything with a “mixer” is probably not going to be within your allotted calories, instead choose a glass of wine (120 calories), a beer (145 calories) or a dry martini (135 calories). Those “Skinny” drinks are full of chemicals, I know that they say they are “lower in calories” but if you replace the sugar with chemicals do you really think that is something you should put in your body? At least your body knows how to process sugar! Furthermore, if you are not supposed to drink diet sodas when you are pregnant why on earth would you put them into your body whether you are or not?

Fill up on water

When you sit down for your meal out immediately ask for a glass of water and chug it! Then ask for another and chug that too, you won’t be as hungry and will not eat as much.

Look for smart swaps

Often you can get a big burger but just swap out the meat for a veggie or turkey pattie. Choose wheat bread on burgers and sandwiches, ask for no mayo and no cheese or at least on the side so you can control how much you put on. Skip the fries and ask for a salad or coleslaw.

Be careful on the freebies

What’s a freebie? Bread and butter are a great example. Ask them NOT TO BRING IT! If you must have it, split ONE roll in half and enjoy the heck outta half, but don’t go back for the other half and go easy on the butter. Perhaps ask for honey instead or Extra Virgin Olive oil, at least it has health benefits.

Want the chips and salsa that come free at your favorite Mexican restaurant? Ask for a small plate, place 5 or 10 chips on your plate and dig into that salsa. 10 chips are about 130 calories the salsa is between 5-15 calories.

Stay away from the sodas

Ask for ice tea skip the colorful packets and just use the real sugar. The packets are chemicals and have never been tested by the FDA…. I’m not kidding, they did their own research and had their lobbyists bring it to the FDA, ever hear the saying “money talks”? One tsp of sugar is only 16 calories, you can burn that off stirring it into your tea!


Go out dancing after dinner and burn it all off, heck if you have to pay for a babysitter you better enjoy all you can…. right!?!

Splurge sometimes

Splurge from time to time, if you always say “no, I can’t have that” one day it will all backfire, so once in a while just splurge. Enjoy it and tomorrow get right back on the healthy lifestyle train, none of that “on Monday I will start again” tomorrow is a new day, no need to wait until Monday. Hit your reset button and move on.

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